Transfer Files to Switch via Wi-Fi (FTP)

This guide will show you how to transfer files to your Nintendo Switch via Wi-Fi without removing your SD card using a homebrew called FTPD by mtheall. Transferring smaller files over your Wi-Fi connection will make simple tasks like installing homebrew much quicker, as you will no longer need to remove your SD card or power off your Switch.

FTPD requires a local Wi-Fi connection, however you should never connect to the internet using custom firmware without blocking Nintendo servers to avoid being banned. Use 90DNS or Incognito to block Nintendo servers.

Required Downloads

Nintendo Switch with Custom Firmware

Wi-Fi Connection

  • You will need a Wi-Fi connection to transfer files via FTP
  • Use 90DNS or Incognito to block Nintendo servers and avoid being banned

Connecting to Switch via FTP

  1. Copy ftpd.nro to the /switch/ folder on your SD cardswitch homebrew ftpd sd atmosphere
  2. Insert your SD card into your Switch and push your preferred payload to enter CFWatmosphere neutos tegrarcmgui switch tinfoil payload bin rcm inject
  3. Ensure your Switch is connected to your Wi-Fi network
  4. From the Home screen,  launch the Album to access the Homebrew Menuswitch atmosphere album homebrew menu
  5. Select [FTPD]switch hbmenu ftpd ftp
  6. Make a note of the blue numbers that appear at the top of the screen (your local ip address)switch homebrew ftpd ftp ip
  7. On your PC file browser, enter the ip address with the ftp:// prefix. e.g.
  8. The Switch SD files should now appear on your PCswitch homebrew ftp sd
Congratulations, you can now transfer files over Wi-Fi via FTP. You’ll no longer need to remove your SD card and re-enter RCM to transfer smaller files such as homebrew applications.

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