Install Switch Games Directly from PC via USB (Goldleaf + Quark)

This guide will show you how to install .nsp game files to your Nintendo Switch directly from your PC using Goldleaf by XorTroll. Installing games via SD can be time consuming due to transfer and installation times in addition to rebooting into CFW after removing the SD card. The current fastest way to install games is via USB connection to your PC, this means games will not require twice their size of free space when installing games to SD.

Required Downloads:

Nintendo Switch with Custom Firmware

MicroSD Card (128GB or Larger Recommended)icon-amazon

  • Games can be installed to the Switch’s internal storage or to the MicroSD
  • 128GB or more is recommended for storing games

Installing Goldleaf + USB Driver + Java 9

  1. Go to the /switch/ folder on your SD card
  2. Create a folder called Goldleaf inside the /switch/ foldergoldleaf switch sd folder atmosphere
  3. Copy Goldleaf.nro to the /Goldleaf/ folder on your SD cardgoldleaf switch sd nro hb menu
  4. Insert your SD card into your Switch and push your preferred payload to boot into CFWatmosphere neutos tegrarcmgui switch tinfoil payload bin rcm inject
  5. From the Switch Home screen, launch the Album to access the Homebrew Menuswitch atmosphere album homebrew menu
  6. Launch Goldleafswitch atmosphere goldleaf hb menu
  7. Connect your Switch to your PC using a USB cable
  8. On your PC, launch zadig and select [No] for checking updates onlinezadig no updates
  9. Select [libusbK] as the Driver to be installedswitch goldleaf zadig install libusbk driver
  10. Select [Install Driver] then close zadig once the installation is completeswitch goldleaf zadig install libusbk driver success
  11. Visit the AdoptOpenJDK website to install Java 9
  12. Select [OpenJDK 11 (LTS)] and click the blue [Latest release] button to begin the downloadswitch goldleaf quark openjdk11
  13. Install the OpenJDK .msi file and click [Finish] once completeswitch goldleaf quark openjdk11 install

Congratulations on finishing the preparations connecting Goldleaf to your Switch via USB. You can now move onto launching Quark and installing games over USB.

Installing Games via USB with Quark

  1. Launch Quark.jarswitch goldleaf quark usb install
  2. Select [Add New Path] and browse for the location of your Switch game (.nsp) filesswitch goldleaf quark usb install new path
  3. On your Switch, select [Explore Content] in the Goldleaf menuswitch goldleaf install nsp explore content sd
  4. Select [Remote PC (via USB)]goldleaf switch quark remote pc via usb nsp
  5. Browse the folder location on your PC for the .nsp game file you wish to installgoldleaf switch quark nsp usb install
  6. Once your game is installed, you may launch it from the Switch Home menugoldleaf switch usb nsp install

Congratulations, you can now install games from your PC via USB with Goldleaf and Quark. This is the fastest way to install .nsp files and does not require removing your SD or powering off your console.

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