Block Switch Updates via DNS (90DNS)

The Nintendo Switch constantly sends log files to Nintendo files and this telemetry is the leading cause of bans in the Switch hacking community. 90DNS by Ave Satanas is a DNS setup that blocks all communication with Nintendo servers, greatly decreasing the likelihood of a ban. This also means that all Nintendo services will cease to function while using these DNS settings with the internet network you are connected to.

It is strongly discouraged to connect to the internet without using 90DNS or Incognito to block Nintendo servers.

  1. From the Switch Home Menu, go to [System Settings]switch block updates 90dns system settings
  2. Select [Internet] -> [Internet Settings]switch block updates 90dns system internet settings
  3. Select the network you’re currently connected to -> [Change Settings] -> [DNS Settings] -> [Manual]block switch updates 90dns settings manual dns
  4. Select [Primary DNS] ->
  5. Select [Secondary DNS] -> switch updates dns settings 90dns
  6. Select [Save] then [Connect to This Network]switch internet connection success 90dns

Congratulations, you’ve now blocked connections to Nintendo servers using 90DNS. You should now see an error when signing in or connecting to the eShop. This also blocks Software and Firmware updates.block switch updates 90dns connection error

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