PS4 Cheater - Create Your Own Cheats (5.05)

PS4Cheater is a homebrew application that allows you to search the PlayStation 4’s memory for numerical values that can be edited during gameplay; essentially functioning as a cheat engine. PS4Cheater runs from your Windows PC and communicates with the PS4 over your local area network. This guide will show you how to search for values and create cheats for your games using PS4Cheater.

Required Downloads:

PlayStation 4 on Firmware 5.05icon-amazon

Windows PC

  • A PC is required to run the PS4 Cheater application

Local Area Connection

  • PS4 Cheater requires your PS4 and PC to be on the same network

Setting Up PS4 Cheater

  1. Power on your PS4
  2. Go to [Settings] -> [Network] -> [View Connection Status] and make a note of your [IP Address]ps4 view connection settings ip
  3. Launch PS4 Cheater on your PC
  4. Enter your PS4’s IP addressps4 cheater enter ip 505
  5. On your PS4, go to [Settings] -> [User’s Guide / Helpful Info] -> [User’s Guide] to launch the web exploit pageps4 5.05 user's guide helpful info
  6. Select [PS4] -> [Bin Loader]ps4 505 jailbreak al azif exploit selection bin loader
  7. The window will display [Awaiting Payload…]ps4 505 jailbreak al azif exploit selection bin loader awaiting payload
  8. In PS4 Cheater, click [Send Payload] and a green message will appear at the bottom of the window saying [Payload injected successfully!]ps4 cheater payload injected successfully
  9. On your PS4, press the [PS] button to go back to the Home menu
  10. Go to [Settings] -> [User’s Guide / Helpful Info] -> [User’s Guide] to launch the web exploit pageps4 5.05 user's guide helpful info
  11. Select [PS4] -> [HEN]ps4 505 jailbreak al azif exploit selection hen
  12. Press the [PS] button when it is successful and launch your chosen game from the Home menups4 505 jailbreak al azif exploit selection ps4hen

Creating Your Cheats

  1. In PS4 Cheater, click [Refresh Processes] and select [eboot.bin] from the drop-down menu aboveps4 cheater refresh processes eboot bin
  2. Check [Select All] below the list of processes
  3. Find a numerical value in your game that you wish to edit such as health points, currency or quantity of an itempersona 5 ps4 cheater
  4. Enter the [Value] that you wish to manipulateps4 cheater exact value first scan
  5. Select [4 bytes]
  6. Select [Exact Value]
  7. Click [First Scan]
  8. A list of results will appear on the left side after PS4 Cheater scans the PS4’s memoryps4 cheater scan results
  9. Change your chosen value in the PS4 game, i.e. lose health, spend currency or use an itempersona 5 ps4 cheater guide
  10. Enter the new [Value] after carrying out your action
  11. Click [Next Scan]
  12. The list of results on the left should filter down as PS4 Cheater scans your memoryps4 cheater next scan
  13. Right click the result and select [Add to Cheat List]ps4 cheater scan add to cheat list
  14. You can now edit the [Value] in the cheat list to manipulate the numerical values in-gameps4 cheater edit valuepersona 5 ps4 cheater guide success

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