Enable Offline PS4 Remote Play on Firmware 5.05

This guide will show you how to unlock Remote Play on your 5.05 homebrew enabled (HEN) PS4 without updating or signing into the PSN. Remote play is a great function on the PlayStation 4, allowing you to play your games on a range of popular devices and operating systems such as the PS Vita, Windows, iOS and Android. Remote Play works by streaming the gameplay over your network, this means that it does not heavily rely on the processing power of the device you are streaming to. The Remote Play function is usually locked behind the PlayStation Network; preventing PS4’s on firmware 5.05 from being able to use the remote play function as they cannot sign into the PSN without updating. 

Required Downloads:

PlayStation 4 on Firmware 5.05icon-amazon

Local Network Connection

  • Your PC will send the remote play enabler payload to your PS4 over your network

PlayStation Network Account

  • You will need a valid PSN Online account to login to the Windows application
  • This can be a dummy account that does not need to be registered to your PS4 in any way

Patching PS4 Remote Play Windows Application

  1. Install the older version of PS4 Remote Play for Windows, ( or lower)ps4 remoteplayinstaller old version
  2. Close the PS4 Remote Play application once installation is complete
  3. Extract the PS4 Remote Play Patcher .zip and launch PS4 Remote Play Auto-Patcher.exeremote play patcher windows zip extract folder
  4. Click [Click me]ps4 remote play patcher click me
  5. Select [Yes] to create a backupps4 remote play patcher create backup
  6. Click [OK] when successfully patchedps4 remote play patcher successful

Enabling Remote Play on PS4 5.05

  1. Go to [Settings] -> [User’s Guide / Helpful Info] -> [User’s Guide] to launch the exploit selection pageps4 5.05 user's guide helpful info
  2. Select [PS4]ps4 505 jailbreak al azif exploit selection
  3. Select [REN]ps4 505 jailbreak al azif exploit selection remote play enabler ren
  4. Press the [Options] button -> [Close Application] -> [OK] to go back to the Home menu once completeps4 505 jailbreak al azif exploit selection remote play enabled ren
  5. Go to [Settings] -> [Remote Play Connection Settings]ps4 505 remote play settings
  6. Check [Connect Directly with PS Vita/PS TV]
  7. Select [Add Device]ps4 remote play connect direct
  8. A registration code will be displayed onscreen with a timer of 299 secondsps4 remote play add device code
  9. On your PC, launch the PS4 Remote Play application
  10. Connect your PS4 to the PC via USB and press [Options] to startps4 remote play pc connect controller
  11. Sign in to your dummy PSN account and complete the captcha if prompted
  12. Select Register Manually while the application attempts to search for a PS4ps4 remote play register manual
  13. Enter the code that is displayed on your PS4ps4 remote play manual register
  14. Remote Play will initiate and the window will show your PS4 screenps4 offline remote play connect

Congratulations, you’ve successfully activated Remote Play without updating your PS4 system firmware. You will need to apply the remote play enabler patch (REN) from the exploit selection page again if you wish to access the Remote Play Connection settings to add another device. Just open the PS4 Remote Play, connect your PS4 controller to your PC or device and press [Options] to create an offline remote play connection after restarting your PS4.