Install and Play PS4 Games from External Storage on 5.05

This guide will show you how to install games onto an external storage device and play them without using your PS4’s internal storage. Users on firmware 5.05 are able to use this in conjunction with the [Package Installer] to store their large game libraries without worrying about the limits of their PS4’s internal storage capacity.

PlayStation 4 on Firmware 4.50 or Higher

USB Storage Device (ExFAT Recommended)

  • A USB storage device is required to install your games externally
  • The USB drive should be formatted to ExFAT, this is necessary to store files larger than 4GB
  • PS4 is not compatible with NTFS hard drives

Formatting HDD as Extended Storage

  1. Go to [Settings] -> [Devices] -> [USB Storage Devices]ps4 settings usb storage devices
  2. Select your device -> [Format as Extended Storage] -> [Next] -> [Format] -> [Yes]ps4 settings usb format extended storage devices
  3. Select [OK] when the process is completeps4 settings usb format extended storage devices ok

You may go back to the [USB Storage Devices] settings if you ever wish to unmount your HDD as extended storage to unplug it temporarily, it can be reconnected at any time. You must format the HDD to use it as USB storage device again, this can be done by press [Options] in this menu. You will also need to re-install any games that were installed onto the HDD

ps4 settings usb stop extended storage devices

Now all of the games installed via the package installer will be installed directly to your USB storage device instead of the PS4’s internal storage. However, you will need to use a second USB storage device to install .pkg games as the extended storage must stay connected to the PS4 while in use

PS4 Games and Homebrew

Installing PS4 Games and DLC (.pkg files)

  • Use the Package Installer on homebrew enabled consoles to install games and DLC in .pkg format

Install PS2 Classics (.iso) on PS4 (5.05)

  • Convert PS2 .iso disc images to .pkg files that can be installed on your homebrew enabled (HEN) PS4

Enable Offline Remote Play (5.05)

  • Enable Remote Play on your 5.05 PS4 without signing into the PlayStation Network

PS4Cheater – Create Your Own Cheats

  • Create your own custom cheats for your PS4 games using this Windows application
  • PS4Cheater allows you to edit numerical values in your games, such as currency or item quantity