PCSX2 - Play PS2 Games on PC

This guide will show you how to setup PCSX2 and play PS2 games on your PC. PCSX2 emulator is praised for its compatibility with the majority of PS2 games and great performance owing to its long lifespan of development. It comes with features such as cheats, save states, graphical enhancements and more. This guide will also show you how to use CodeBreaker for cheats and import save files into PCSX2.


PCSX2 supports controllers and ScpToolkit can be used to make Dualshock controllers compatible with Windows 7 / 10.

Required Downloads:

PCSX2 Emulator

  • PCSX2 emulator is used to play PS2 games on PC
  • A computer with moderate requirements is required to run PCSX2 with good performance
  • The Codebreaker disc can be used to add cheats to games

ScpToolkit (Optional)

  • PCSX2 is compatible with Dualshock 4 controllers natively on Windows 10
  • ScpToolkit can be installed to make Dualshock 3 / 4 compatible with Windows 7 and 10
  • ScpToolkit will emulate Xbox 360 controller inputs making Dualshock controllers compatible with all games that support controllers

Install PCSX2

  1. Launch pcsx2-setup.exe
  2. Select [Portable Installation]pcsx2 portable installation
  3. Once complete, launch PCSX2
  4. Press [Next] then [Next] again at the plugin pagepcsx2 first time installation plugins
  5. Select [Open in Explorer] to open the /bios/ folderpcsx2 first time installation bios explorer
  6. Copy ps2-0230a-20080220.bin from PS2_BIOS.zip to the /bios/ folderpcsx2 first time installation bios file
  7. Select [Refresh] then [Finish] once your BIOS is selectedpcsx2 first time installation bios
  8. The main PCSX2 window and the Program Log containing useful information will open
  9. Select [System] -> [Boot ISO (fast)] and select your PS2 .iso file to launch the PS2 gamepcsx2 main window launch cdvd ps2 iso
  10. Select [CDVD] -> [ISO Selector] -> [Browse…] to change gamepcsx2 main window launch ps2 iso game

Graphics Settings

Controller Setup

If you are using an Xbox 360 controller or ScpToolkit, PCSX2 will automatically configure your controller. If you are using a Dualshock 4 natively without drivers, you will have to map the buttons manually

  1. Select [Config] -> [Controllers] -> [Plugin Settings]
  2. Double-click Pad 1: Dualshock 2pcsx2 controller bindings dualshock
  3. Select your controller from the drop-down menu by clicking [Allow All Devices]pcsx2 controller bindings xbox 360 config
  4. Map the buttons to your controller individually and click [Apply] -> [OK] when completepcsx2 controller bindings dualshock config

CodeBreaker Cheats

  1. Launch PCSX2
  2. Launch CodeBreaker v10.iso via [CDVD] -> [ISO Selector] -> [Browse…]
  3. Press [Cross] to save configurationpcsx2 launch ps2 codebreaker iso
  4. Select [Select Cheats]pcsx2 launch ps2 codebreaker iso select cheats
  5. Browse for your gamepcsx2 launch ps2 codebreaker iso select game
  6. Press [Right] to select your cheatspcsx2 launch ps2 codebreaker iso select game cheats
  7. Press [Start] to return to the main menu
  8. Select [Start Game]pcsx2 launch ps2 codebreaker iso start game
  9. In PCSX2, select your game .iso via [CDVD] -> [ISO Selector] -> [Browse…]
  10. Select [Swap Disc]pcsx2 launch ps2 codebreaker iso select cheats swap disc
  11. In CodeBreaker, press [Cross] to start your gamepcsx2 launch ps2 codebreaker iso select game cheats start game
  12. Your cheats will now be enabled in gamepcsx2 launch ps2 codebreaker iso start game cheats on

Import Save Files

PlayStation 2 save data files are stored in virtual memory cards (.ps2 file). Save data downloaded online can be imported into your memory card image (.ps2) that PCSX2 uses.

Format Memory Card (Optional: if needed)

  1. Launch PCSX2
  2. From the top menu, select [CDVD] -> [No Disc]
  3. Then select [System] -> [Run BIOS]pcsx2 main window launch cdvd ps2 iso
  4. From the PS2 System Menu, select [Browser]pcsx2 format bios memory card
  5. Select your memory card then select [Yes] to format the memory cardpcsx2 format bios select memory card

Importing .PSV Files

.PSV files must be exported with PSVExporter before they can be imported into your PS2 memory card file (.ps2).

  1. Download and extract the contents of PSVExporter.zip
  2. Launch PSVExporter.exepcsx2 psvexporter
  3. From the top menu, select [File] -> [Open PSV] and select your .PSV filepcsx2 psvexporter open psv
  4. Once selected, click the [PS2] icon and export the save file as a .max filepcsx2 psvexporter export max

Importing Save Files (.cbs / .psu / .max / .sps / .xps)

  1. In PCSX2, go to [Config] -> [Memory cards]
  2. Copy your memory card folder location to the clipboard (Ctrl + C)pcsx2 first memory card directory
  3. Download and extract the contents of mymc.zip to your PC
  4. Launch mymc-gui.exepcsx2 mymc folder
  5. Paste your memory card location into the Explorer window and select your memory card image filepcsx2 mymc select file
  6. Select the [Import] buttonpcsx2 mymc import save file
  7. Select your save file to importpcsx2 mymc select file
  8. Close mymc once the save data is importedpcsx2 mymc import save file done
  9. Launch your game in PCSX2 and load the newly imported save datapcsx2 mymc import save file load game

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