SkyNX - PC Games on your Nintendo Switch via Remote Play

SkyNX is a homebrew by DevL0rd that allows you to play PC games on your Nintendo Switch via remote play. This means you will be streaming game footage from your PC to your Switch, and using the Switch to control the game. Your Switch will automatically be configured as a controller for your PC to work with any game that supports controllers. SkyNX also features a setting to disable the video stream and simply use the Nintendo Switch as a controller for PC. The touch screen can also be used to control your mouse.

SkyNX is reminiscent to Moonlight, a well-known homebrew application for streaming from PCs with Nvidia GPUs to various mobile devices. SkyNX boasts great performance with low latency, making it a perfect addition to the Switch’s homebrew library and really shows off its capabilities as a gaming console. SkyNX works especially well with emulators such as Dolphin and Cemu, making it perfect for slower-paced titles that run at lower native resolutions.

Required Downloads:

Nintendo Switch with Custom Firmware


Wi-Fi Connection

  • You will need a Wi-Fi connection to stream gameplay from your PC to your Nintendo Switch
  • Use 90DNS or Incognito to block Nintendo servers and avoid being banned

Install SkyNX

  1. Extract the contents of to the root of your SD cardskynx switch sd install remote play pc stream
  2. Insert your SD card into your Switch and push your preferred payload to enter CFWatmosphere neutos tegrarcmgui switch tinfoil payload bin rcm inject
  3. Ensure your Switch is connected to your Wi-Fi network
  4. From the Home screen,  launch the Album to access the Homebrew Menuswitch atmosphere album homebrew menu
  5. Install SkyNX_Forwarder.nsp with Goldleafskynx forwarder nsp switch goldleaf install
  6. Return to the Switch Home menu and launch SkyNXskynx switch home menu

Play PC Games on Switch

  1. Extract the contents of to a folder on your PCskynxstreamer install
  2. Launch SkyNXStreamer.exe
  3. Install the required driversskynx install required drivers
  4. Restart your PC when promptedskynx install restart pc
  5. Launch SkyNXStreamer.exe after restarting your PC
  6. Allow network access if promptedskynx allow network access
  7. Enter the IP address displayed in SkyNX on your Switchswitch skynx ip address stream
  8. Click [Start Streamer] to begin streaming from your PC to your Switchskynx switch remote play start streaming
  9. Launch your game on the PC to begin, the Switch will automatically be configured as a controller
  10. Set the game’s resolution to 1280 x 720 to match the Nintendo Switch screen resolutionskynx stream 720p settings monster hunter

You can adjust quality settings to increase the picture quality. The default 5Mbs results in great performance with low latency. However, increasing bitrate to the maximum of 20Mbs produces a brilliant image with very little impact to latency or stutter. Greater distances from your network access point could affect performances at higher bitrates.skynx stream settings bitrate 20mbs quality monster hunter

Unlike Moonlight, SkyNX does not specifically require an Nvidia GPU to encode from. The encoder can be selected to suit the specifications of your PC:

skynx stream encoder nvenc cpu amd intel

  • CPU Encoding: Use your CPU to stream, recommending for CPU’s with more than 4 cores / 4 threads.
  • Nvidia Encoding: Use the Nvidia GPU’s on-board NVENC chip to stream, recommending if using a newer GTX / RTX card
  • AMD Encoding: Use an AMD GPU to stream, also AMD laptops
  • Intel Encoding: Use the integrated GPU (iGPU) of the Intel CPU to stream, for laptops without a discrete GPU

skynx switch stream remote play options

  • Press the [LS] + [RS] buttons together to toggle mouse control, choose between analog stick  or gyroscope control
  • Video can be disabled allowing you to use your Nintendo Switch as a controller for PC
  • [A] / [B] or [X] / [Y] buttons can be swapped to suit the game you are playing
  • The framerate can be limited to 30FPS for games that run at 30 frames per second

SkyNX can be set to change your Windows resolution to 1280 x 720 when streaming begins. This is recommended to match your stream’s resolution to the Nintendo Switch screen resolution.skynx settings 720p resolution

The Switch (stream) FPS and encoding (source) FPS can be monitored on the Stat’s tabskynx fps encoding fps stats

Enabling Controller Support

SkyNX emulates an Xbox 360 Controller so nearly all games that support controllers are configured automatically. However, not all PC games support controllers and can only be played with a keyboard & mouse. Controller support can be added to nearly any game with great results using Steam’s built-in controller configurations. This makes first-person shooters and other mouse-focused games very playable with controllers.
  1. Initiate a connection and start the SkyNX Streamer and SkyNX on the Nintendo Switch to enable the Switch PC controllerskynx switch remote play start streaming
  2. Launch Steam
  3. In the top-left corner of the window, select [Steam] -> [Settings] -> [Controller]skynx controller steam settings
  4. Select [General Controller Settings] -> Check [Xbox Configuration Support]skynx controller xbox 360 windows nintendo switch steam
  5. Select [Library] -> [Add Game] at the bottom left
  6. Select the executable .exe file for your gameskynx controller steam add game
  7. Select your game and click [Controller Configuration] below the [Play] buttonskynx controller configuration steam add game
  8. The controller should appear as an Xbox 360 Controller, select [Switch Controller] if another controller appears
skynx controller configuration steam gameHere, you can map the controller buttons to near endless possibility of keyboard or mouse functions. Additional options such as Toggle and Rapid Fire can be found under [Show Activators]skynx controller configuration steam game map buttons keys You can map your analog stick to the relative mouse movement, with additional settings such as sensitivity available. This makes it very easy to setup your controller for mouse-based games like first-person shooters.skynx controller configuration steam game map stick mouse You can also map your analog stick to 8-way directions using WASD or Arrow keys.skynx controller configuration steam game map wasd arrow keys directional Launch your game and your custom controller configuration will be active while the game is running.skynx controller configuration steam add game sims 4

If your controller works in the Steam Settings but not in game:

  1. In Steam, launch Big Picture Mode from the top right iconsteam big picture mode controller
  2. Select [Library] then select your gameswitch pro controller pc steam big picture
  3. Select [Manage Shortcut] -> [Controller Options]steam big picture mode controller options
  4. Ensure [Allow Desktop Configuration in Launcher] is uncheckedsteam big picture mode controller options desktop mode disable

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