Dolphin Emulator - Play Gamecube and Wii Games on PC

Dolphin is a GameCube and Wii emulator, lauded for its great performance and relatively low system requirements. Dolphin comes with various features to improve graphical quality and supports Wiimotes, GameCube controllers as well as Dualshock and Xbox controllers. There is also a built-in cheat code database to load cheats without having to add your own. This guide will show you how to install and setup Dolphin to play GameCube and Wii games on your PC.

Dolphin can load Gamecube .ISO format games and Wii .ISO and .WBFS file format games.

The Dolphin emulator website features great documentation, with huge amounts of information on the various features and details about compatibility issues in many games.


Required Downloads:

Dolphin Emulator

  • Dolphin emulator is used to play GameCube and Wii games on your PC
  • A computer with moderate requirements is required to run Dolphin with good performance
  • Gamecube and Wii save files can be imported via SD card from a Wii or Wii U

USB Wii Sensor Baricon-amazon

  • A sensor bar can be used with a Bluetooth adapter to connect a Wiimote to your PC for a more authentic experience
  • The Mayflash Sensor DolphinBar features built-in Bluetooth to ensure compatibility with PC and all Wiimote add-ons directly out of the box

GameCube to USB Adaptericon-amazon

  • A USB adapter can be used to play GameCube games with the original controller for a more authentic experience
  • The Mayflash Gamecube USB adapter is widely used and supports up to four controllers
  • It is also compatibly with Wii U and Switch making it an excellent investment

Setting Up Dolphin

  1. Create a folder and place your GameCube and Wii games insidedolphin games roms folder
  2. Download the latest Beta version of Dolphin
  3. Extract the contents from the Dolphin .7z file to a folder on your PCdolphin download install extract 7z folder
  4. Launch Dolphin.exe
  5. Double-click the lower area to add a games directorydolphin games roms folder directory
  6. Select your game and press [Play] to startdolphin games play controllers cfwaifu
Wii game saves can be imported from a console to Dolphin via SD card. Simply select [Tools] -> [Import Wii Save…] from the Dolphin top menu.

Controller Support

Controller configurations can be set in the [Controllers] menu Dolphin’s button configuration will be set to keyboard by default:

Gamecube Controller


  • [A button] = X key
  • [B button] = Z key
  • [X button] = C key
  • [Y button] = S key
  • [Z button] = D key
  • [Start button] = Return key
  • [L Trigger] = Q key
  • [R Trigger] = W key


  • [Up button] = T key
  • [Down button] = G key
  • [Left button] = F key
  • [Right button] = H key

Control Stick:

  • [Up] = Up arrow key
  • [Down] = Down arrow key
  • [Left] = Left arrow key
  • [Right] = Right arrow key
  • Modifier (half-press direction) = L-Shift key


  • [Up C] = I key
  • [Down C] = K key
  • [Left C] = J key
  • [Right C] = L key
  • Modifier (half-press direction) = L-Ctrl key




  • [A button] = Mouse Left-click
  • [B button] = Mouse Right-click
  • [1 button] = 1 key
  • [2 button] = 2 key
  • [- button] = Q key
  • [+ button] = E key
  • [Start button] = Return key


  • [Up button] = T key
  • [Down button] = G key
  • [Left button] = F key
  • [Right button] = H key

Xbox and Dualshock Controllers

Dolphin on Windows 10 comes with built-in support for Xbox 360 / One and Dualshock 4 controllers. Dualshock drivers can be installed for Windows 7 / 10, which does not support PlayStation 4 / 3 controllers natively. dolphin games play controllers config cfwaifuSelect and configure your controller from the [Controllers] -> [Configure] menu for the controller you wish to use. However, you will need to map all of your buttons one by one for the new controller. Remember to name and [Save] the profile for the button mappings or you will lose them when Dolphin is closed.

GameCube Controllers

Real GameCube controllers can be connected to your PC using a USB adapter. If you are using the official Nintendo GameCube Adapter or Mayflash GameCube Adapter (Set to Wii U / NS mode), you will need to install the correct USB driver.
  1. Download and launch zadig, select [No] for updateszadig no updates
  2. Select [Options] -> [List All Devices]switch goldleaf zadig options list all devices
  3. Select [WUP-28] as the USB device
  4. Select [WinUSB] as the driver to be installed
  5. Click [Replace Driver] and wait for the process to completedolphin zadig gamecube controller install replace driver
  6. Once complete, select [GameCube Adaptor for Wii U] from the [Controllers] menu in Dolphindolphin games play gamecube controllers settings

If you are receiving [The driver installation failed] error or [(Could not allocate resource)], you may need to delete temporary setup files or restore your device’s original driver. Ensure zadig is run as administrator.zadig driver installation failed gamecube

  1. Restart your PC
  2. Delete the /usb_driver/ folder from your /Users/[Username]/ folder on your Windows PCzadig driver installation failed delete temporary setup files
  3. Ensure no instances of installer_x64.exe or installer_x86.exe are running in your task manager
  4. The process can be killed via command prompt with taskkill /f /t /im installer-x64.exezadig driver installation failed kill installer exe task manager
  1. Restart your PC if you haven’t already
  2. Ensure your GameCube adapter is plugged in via USB
  3. Launch [Device Manager] on your PC
  4. From the top menu, select [View] -> [Devices by container]
  5. Find [WUP-028] -> [USB Input Device]zadig driver installation failed device manager gamecube
  6. Right-click [USB Input Device] and select [Uninstall Device] -> [Uninstall Driver]zadig driver installation failed device manager gamecube uninstall
  7. Unplug then re-insert the GameCube USB adapter and reattempt to replace the driver with zadig


Real Wiimotes can also be used with Dolphin for a more authentic experience. The USB Mayflash DolphinBar (Set to Mode 4) can be used to connect Wiimotes to your PC without an additional Bluetooth adapter due to already having one built-in.
  1. Connect the Mayflash DolphinBar via USB
  2. Set the [Mode] to [4]
  3. Press the [Sync] button on the Mayflash DolphinBar until the LED starts flashing
  4. Press the red button on the Wiimote until the LED settles on Player 1 then connect any Wiimote add-ons you wish to use
  5. In Dolphin, go to [Controllers] and select [Real Wiimote]
  6. You can enable more options such as the Wiimote speaker and [Continuous Scanning] to fix connectivity issuesdolphin games play wiimote controllers settings
  7. Launch your game and the Wiimote in Dolphin will work just like the regular Wii consoledolphin games play super mario galaxy wiimote connected cfwaifu

Graphics Settings & HD Textures​

Dolphin’s graphics settings can be changed in the [Graphics] menu.

In the [General] tab, you can set V-sync for screen tearing issues. Set Fullscreen to remove the window borders. You can also show FPS during gameplay.dolphin games play super mario sunshine frames per second fps cfwaifu

In the [Enhancements] tab, you can tweak graphical features such as internal resolution, anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering.dolphin games play wii gamecube pc graphics internal resolution

Load HD Textures

You can further increase the graphical quality of games in Dolphin by using custom hi-resolution textures. This improves graphics greatly depending on the quality of the textures, especially at higher native resolutions.

Custom textures usually come in .png or .dds format. .dds textures are recommended for their lower VRAM requirements even at high resulotions.

  1. Right-click your game from the Dolphin games list then select [Properties]
  2. Go to the [Info] tab and copy the [Game ID]dolphin games play super mario sunshine game id cfwaifu
  3. Go to the /Documents/ -> /Dolphin Emulator/ -> /Load/ -> /Textures/ folder on your PC
  4. Create a folder and name it the [Game ID] of your gamedolphin games play super mario sunshine game id folder textures
  5. Copy the custom textures to the /Game ID/ folderdolphin games play super mario sunshine hd textures folder cfwaifu
  6. Go to [Graphics] -> [Advanced]
  7. Check [Load Custom Textures] and [Prefetch Custom Textures]dolphin games play load hd custom textures
  8. Close the Graphics settings and launch your game
  9. You will see a notification when your custom textures are loaded on startupdolphin games play super mario sunshine custom textures loaded


Dolphin features a built-in database of cheat codes for GameCube and Wii games. To enable cheats:

  1. Go to [Options] -> [Configuration] in the Dolphin top menu
  2. Check [Enable Cheats] then close the settings pagedolphin games enable cheats options configuration
  3. Right-click your game in the Dolphin games list and select [Properties]
  4. You can enable cheat codes (AR / Gecko) or add your owndolphin games enable cheats codes ar gecko
  5. Close the cheats page and launch your game to play with the cheats enableddolphin games play super mario sunshine cheats 99 lives

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