How to use a PS3 / PS4 Controller on PC

This guide will show you how to use a PlayStation 3 / 4 Dualshock controller on your Windows 7 or above PC using ScpToolkit by nefarius. This will automatically enable Dualshock support for all games with native support for Xbox 360 controllers. It is possible to enable controller support for games that do not natively support controller inputs. You can also map controller buttons to keyboard keys and enable analog stick to mouse control for mouse-based games such as first-person shooters.

ScpToolkit drivers will also automatically configure your Dualshock controllers to be compatible with emulators such as RetroArch, PCSX2, RPCS3 and more.

Windows 10 and Steam come with built-in Dualshock 4 controller support, Non-Steam games can be added to your Steam library to add controller support to any game or emulator by launching them through Steam. Steam will allow you to map controller buttons to keyboard keys, and analog sticks to mouse inputs. Additional features such as Toggle and Rapid Fire are also included. Steam does not support controller configurations for Dualshock 3 controllers natively, however ScpToolkit can be installed to extend this compatibility to PS3 controllers.

Required Downloads:

Windows PC

  • ScpToolkit is an application for Windows 7 and above

Steam (Recommended)

  • Steam features built-in native support for Dualshock 4 controllers
  • You can enable controller support for any game or emulator by adding Non-Steam games to your Steam library
  • Easily map keyboard keys and mouse inputs to your controller
  • Dualshock 3 controller support can be added with ScpToolkit

Dualshock 3 / Dualshock 4 Controllericon-amazon

  • ScpToolkit requires an official PlayStation 3 / 4 Dualshock Controller

Mini USB / Micro USB Cableicon-amazon

  • A mini USB cable is required to use a wired connection for Dualshock 3 controllers
  • A micro USB cable is required to use a wired connection for Dualshock 4 controllers
  • A mini USB / micro USB cable is required to be connected once to pair the controller via bluetooth

USB Bluetooth Adaptericon-amazon

  • A separate USB bluetooth adapter is recommended to use a wireless connection with your Dualshock controllers
  • Your USB bleutooth adapter will only be able to connect to Dualshock 3 / 4 controller devices once the driver is installed

Install Dualshock 3 / 4 Drivers via ScpToolkit

  1. Launch ScpToolkit_Setup.exe to begin the installation
  2. Deselect all installation components except [ScpToolkit Clean Wipe Utility] then select [Install]ps3 ps4 controller scptoolkit install default
  3. Select [Finish] to complete the installationps3 ps4 controller scptoolkit install complete ended finish
  4. Connect your Dualshock 3 / 4 Controller
  5. Launch [ScpToolkit Driver Installer] on your PC
  6. Check the controller driver that you wish to install
  7. Select your controller USB device from the list then click [Install]ps3 ps4 controller scptoolkit driver
  8. Close ScpToolkit Driver once the installation is completeps3 ps4 controller scptoolkit installed
  9. Your Dualshock 3 / 4 Controller will appear as an Xbox 360 Controller for Windowscontroller xbox 360 windows nintendo switch pc

Install Bluetooth Wireless Driver

  1. Launch [ScpToolkit Driver Installer]
  2. Check [Install Bluetooth Driver]
  3. Check your Bluetooth USB dongle from the listps3 ps4 controller scptoolkit driver
  4. Select [Install] then close ScpToolkit Driver once the installation is completeps4 controller scptoolkit bluetooth driver installed
  5. Connect your controller via USB once to pair it via Bluetooth
  6. Disconnect the controller and press the [PS] button to connect via Bluetooth

ScpToolkit adds additional configuration options for your Dualshock 3 /4 Controllers such as Dead Zone threshold, Rumble, Light Bar brightness and more. Launch [ScpToolkit Settings Manager] to configure your controller.ps3 ps4 controller scptoolkit settings

All ScpToolkit drivers can be uninstalled completely with the [ScpToolkit CleanWipe Utility]. Your Bluetooth adapter will also be reverted back to normal. This may also uninstall any additional USB drivers for PS Vita, Nintendo Switch etc.ps4 controller scptoolkit uninstall driver

Enable Controller Support for All Games (Analog-Mouse Included)

ScpToolkit emulates an Xbox 360 Controller so nearly all games that support controllers are configured automatically. However, not all PC games support controllers and can only be played with a keyboard & mouse. Controller support can be added to nearly any game with great results using Steam’s built-in controller configurations. This makes first-person shooters and other mouse-focused games very playable with controllers.

  1. Launch Steam
  2. In the top-left corner of the window, select [Steam] -> [Settings] -> [Controller]controller steam settings
  3. Select [General Controller Settings] -> Check [Xbox Configuration Support]controller xbox 360 windows nintendo switch steam
  4. From the main Steam window, select [Library] -> [Add Game] at the bottom leftcontroller steam add game
  5. Select the executable .exe file for your game
  6. Select your game and click [Controller Configuration] below the [Play] buttoncontroller configuration steam add game
  7. The controller should appear as an Xbox 360 Controller if you are using ScpToolkit or Dualshock 4 if notcontroller configuration steam game

Here, you can map the controller buttons to near endless possibility of keyboard or mouse functions. Additional options such as Toggle and Rapid Fire can be found under [Show Activators].controller configuration steam game map buttons keys

You can map your analog stick to the relative mouse movement, with additional settings such as sensitivity available. This makes it very easy to setup your controller for mouse-based games like first-person shooters.controller configuration steam game map stick mouse

You can also map your analog stick to 8-way directions using WASD or Arrow keys.controller configuration steam game map wasd arrow keys directional

Launch your game and your custom controller configuration will be active while the game is running.controller configuration steam add game sims 4

If your controller works in the Steam Settings but not in game:

  1. In Steam, launch Big Picture Mode from the top right iconsteam big picture mode controller
  2. Select [Library] then select your gameswitch pro controller pc steam big picture
  3. Select [Manage Shortcut] -> [Controller Options]steam big picture mode controller options
  4. Ensure [Allow Desktop Configuration in Launcher] is uncheckedsteam big picture mode controller options desktop mode disable

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