Blocking Updates on PS Vita via DNS Settings

vita 3.60 block updates dns

This guide will show you how to block updates by slightly altering the PS Vita’s DNS settings. 3.60 is considered the ‘golden firmware’ for PS Vita as it is compatible with HENkaku + Ensō. This will trick the server into reporting that you have the latest firmware installed and allow you to activate your PSN account or register devices for the Content Manager, this is otherwise restricted to the latest firmware only. The DNS caps the highest firmware available at 3.60, making it very simple to update from a lower firmware to 3.60 using Wi-Fi update and also preventing accidental updates to any firmware higher than 3.60.vita henkaku settings

  1. On your PS Vita, open [Settings] -> [Network] ->[Wi-Fi Settings]
  2. Go to your current network connection and select [Advanced Settings]
  3. Set [DNS Settings] to [Manual]
  4. Set [Primary DNS] to and leave [Secondary DNS] blank
  5. [Proxy Server] should be set to [Do Not Use]vita henkaku 3.60 dns block updates
  6. Return to main Settings menu and go to [System] -> [Auto-Start Settings]
  7. Uncheck [Download Update File for System Software]vita disable auto update henkaku
  8. Close the Settings application

Congratulations, you have now blocked firmware updates beyond 3.60 over Wi-Fi. Your PS Vita will only be able to update directly to 3.60 if it has a lower firmware.