Wii U Hacking Guide - Install Mocha CFW (No eShop Game Required)

This guide will show you how to install Mocha CFW on your Wii U. This will unlock the greater potential of the console and allow you enjoy benefits such as playing game backups, emulators, importing save files and more.

Mocha CFW does not require any eShop access or virtual console games. However, the Mocha custom firmware patches are not persistent and must be applied after every reboot.

Required Downloads:

Wii U on Firmware 5.5.4

  • The Wii U browser requires firmware 5.5.4 or lower
  • Update to 5.5.4 for greater compatibility with homebrew

SD Card (64B or larger recommended)

  • An SD card is required to install the homebrew files on your Wii U console
  • The SD card must be formatted to FAT32

Wi-Fi Internet Connection

  • The browser exploit can be launched by visiting wiiuexploit.xyz or u.wiidb.de on your Wii U
  • An internet connection is also required to download from the homebrew app store

Formatting SD Card

Windows is unable to format SD cards larger than 32GB to FAT32 so we will be using a well-known portable software tool called Rufus to accomplish this. This will delete all the files on your SD card so create a backup of any files you wish to keep.

  1. Select your MicroSD as the [Device]
  2. Set [Boot selection] to [Non bootable]
  3. Set [Partition scheme] to [MBR]
  4. You may name your SD card with [Volume label]
  5. Set [File system] to [Large FAT32]
  6. Set [Cluster size] to the Default setting

    switch exfat fat32 format sd

  7. Select [Show advanced format options] and uncheck [Create extended label and icon files]switch exfat fat32 format sd advanced options
  8. Select [START] -> [OK] and wait for the process to complete

Congratulations, you’ve now formatted your SD card to FAT32 and can begin hacking your Wii U.

Preparing SD Files

  1. Extract the contents of wiiu-extracttosd.zip (Homebrew App Store) to the root of your SD card
  2. Extract the contents of homebrew_launcher.v.1.4.zip to the root of your SD card
  3. Extract the contents of nnupatcher.zip to the root of your SD card
  4. Extract the contents of mocha.zip to the root of your SD cardwii u cfw install sd files mocha
  5. Extract the contents of payload.zip (Homebrew Launcher Installer) to the /wiiu/ folder on your SD cardwii u cfw install sd files mocha wiiu folder
  6. Copy config.ini to the /wiiu/apps/mocha/ folder on your SD cardwii u cfw install sd files mocha config ini
  7. Insert your SD into your Wii U and power it on

Launch Mocha CFW and Install Homebrew Channel

  1. Launch the [Internet Browser] and visit wiiuexploit.xyzwii u cfw install mocha internet browser
  2. Select [Run Homebrew Launcher]wii u cfw install homebrew launcher
  3. Select [Mocha CFW] to load the custom firmware patcheswii u cfw homebrew launcher mocha

Congratulations, you’ve successfully installed the Mocha CFW. You will need to run the browser exploit to launch the Homebrew Launch, then load the Mocha CFW patches every time you reboot your console.

Now that you have activated Mocha custom firmware, you can enjoy the extra benefits such as:

  • Download and Install Game Backups
  • Play Wii Games from USB HDD (NGC + N64 VC Included)
  • Backup and Import Save Files
  • Emulators via RetroArch (Play GBA, SNES, SEGA and more)

Block Updates via DNS

It is advised to block Nintendo’s servers via DNS settings to prevent automatic updates. Run NNU-Patcher from the Homebrew Launcher to access the eShop temporarily until reboot.

  1. From the Wii U Menu, go to [System Settings] -> [Internet] -> [Connect to the Inter]
  2. Press [X] to see your saved networks
  3. Select your current network connection -> [Change Settings]
  4. Select [DNS] -> [Do not auto-obtain]
  5. Set [Primary DNS] to
  6. Set [Secondary DNS] to
  7. Select [Confirm] -> Press [B] -> [Save] -> [End]
  8. You will now receive an error if you attempt to access the Nintendo eShopwii u cfw mocha haxchi block nintendo dns

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