Homebrew App Store for Wii U

The Homebrew App Store for Wii U by vmgoose is a growing online repository containing various Switch homebrew applications. This guide will show you how to install homebrew to your Wii U without removing your SD card or powering off your console.

You can visit apps.fortheusers.org to access the Switch Homebrew App Store from your PC.

Required Downloads:

Hacked Wii U on Firmware 5.5.4

  • The Homebrew App Store requires a Wii U with custom firmware such as Mocha or Haxchi

SD Card (64B or larger recommended)

  • An SD card is required to install homebrew on your Wii U console
  • The SD card must be formatted to FAT32

Internet Connection

  • An internet connection is required to download homebrew from the app store

Install Homebrew App Store

  1. Extract the contents of wiiu-extracttosd.zip to the root of your SD cardwii u cfw install sd files mocha
  2. Insert your SD card into your Wii U and power it on
  3. Load your custom firmware patches and launch the Homebrew Launcher via your preferred method
    • Mocha CFW users simply visit wiiuexploit.xyz on the Wii U Internet Browser
    • Haxchi users must launch Haxchi and hold [A] while it boots to load the Homebrew Launcher
    • Coldboot Haxchi must press [Home] while it is autobooting to access the menu and select [Boot Homebrew Launcher]

Download Homebrew

  1. Launch the Homebrew App Store from the Homebrew Launcherwii u homebrew app launcher store cfw
  2. Browse or search for the application you wish to installwii u cfw homebrew app store search
  3. Press [A] to download the appwii u cfw homebrew app store download
  4. Once complete, press [-] to return to the Homebrew Launcher and find your new appwii u haxchi wup installer gx2

Congratulations on installing the Homebrew App Store for Wii U. You can now download useful homebrew such as WUP Installer GX2, HID to VPAD, Loadiine, SaveMii Mod, RetroArch and more directly to your Wii U without removing your SD or powering off the console.

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