PS4 Jailbreak Guide - 6.72 Exploit

Table of Contents

HEN (Homebrew Enabler) is now available on 6.72. TheFlow has released information regarding a kernel exploit that can potentially work on PlayStation 4 firmwares 6.72 and 7.02, currently this exploit has been implemented to work on firmware 6.72 only. This guide will show you how to run Sleirsgoevy’s jailbreak on your 6.72 PS4. However, this jailbreak is still very new and as a result, can be quite unstable leading to crashes / requiring hard reboots. It is not recommended to upgrade from 5.05 just yet, this guide is mainly intended for those stuck in the purgatory on firmwares 5.50 or above with no other current homebrew solution to turn to. That said, the jailbreak has been much improved since it was released thanks to continuous updates made by Al Azif and Sleirsgoevy.

For those on 5.05 contemplating on whether they should update to player some of the newer games; patching higher firmware games is now possible so they will be playable on firmware 5.05. There are some games that show issues and cause errors when backported, although much progress is being made daily to increase the number of games that can be backported to 5.05. It is currently difficult to write a guide on backporting games because new solutions are being developed and updated daily with new features. If you are still on 5.05 and interested in backporting games, check out AutoBackPort via RetroGamer’s Twitter. You can also follow the PSXHAX Thread for AutoBackPort.

Required Downloads:

PlayStation 4 on Firmware 6.72 or Lower

  • The kernel exploit and payloads by require firmware 6.72.
  • If your firmware is below 6.72, you will need to perform an offline update via USB device.
  • There is currently no way to downgrade firmware for PS4

Internet Connection

  • The exploit and payloads are hosted online
  • DNS settings are changed to redirect your User’s Help page directly to the exploit selection page
  • You can visit or directly via your PS4’s Internet Browser for the exploit selection page

PS4 6.72 Update File (PS4UPDATE.PUP)

  • The 6.72 update file is required to update to firmware 6.72
  • The update file must be named PS4UPDATE.PUP

USB Drive with 512MB Free Space (128GB Recommended)

  • A USB Drive with 512MB or more free space is needed to store the update file
  • A USB HDD is highly recommended if you wish to install .pkg games
  • Games can only be installed via a USB device

Offline Updating PS4 to 6.72

TheFlow’s exploit and Sleirsgoevy’s 6.72 jailbreak require your PlayStation 4 to specifically be on firmware 6.72. There is currently no way to downgrade to 6.72 if you have already updated to a higher firmware. To update from a lower firmware, you will need to do so via a USB drive.

  1. Create a folder called PS4 on the root of your USB drive
  2. Create a folder called UPDATE inside the /PS4/ folder on your USB drive
  3. Copy your PS4UPDATE.PUP file to the /PS4/UPDATE/ folder on your USB drive
  4. Insert your USB drive into the PS4 and power it on
  5. On your PS4, go to [Settings] -> [System Software Update]
  6. Select [Next] and confirm to proceed with the 6.72 update

Change DNS Settings

This method will use Al Azif’s latest DNS settings to access the exploit selection menu from the [User’s Guide] page.

  1. From your PS4 Home Screen, go to [Settings] -> [System] -> [Automatic Downloads] and disable all optionsps4 automatic downloads settings
  2. Go to [Settings] -> [Power Saving Settings] -> [Set Features Available in Rest Mode] and uncheck [Keep Application Suspended]ps4 set features rest mode
  3. Go to [Settings] -> [Network] -> [Set Up Internet Connection]ps4 5.05 set up internet connection dns
  4. Choose the connection type that you wish to useps4 5.05 dns setup internet connection lan or wifi
  5. Select [Custom]ps4 5.05 hen setup custom internet connection
  6. Set [DHCP Host Name] to [Do Not Specify]ps4 5.05 hen dhcp host name do not specify
  7. Set [DNS Settings] to [Manual]
  8. Set [Primary DNS] to
  9. Set [Secondary DNS] to ps4 exploit selection jailbreak al azif dns settings
  10. Set [MTU Settings] to [Automatic]ps4 5.05 dns network settings mtu
  11. Press [Circle] to skip the internet connection testps4 5.05 dns test internet connection

Store Jailbreak Files in Offline Browser Cache (Optional)

Some users have reported more success when saving the exploit files to the browser cache and running the payload without internet access:

  1. Go to [Settings] -> [User’s Guide / Helpful Info] -> [User’s Guide] to launch the exploit selection pageps4 5.05 user's guide helpful info
  2. Select [Cache All] and wait for the process to completeps4 672 exploit jailbreak offline cache all al azif
  3. Once complete, return to the Home menu and go to [Settings] -> [Network]ps4 672 exploit jailbreak offline caching al azif
  4. Uncheck [Connect to the Internet]ps4 672 exploit jailbreak offline cache internet al azif

Disable Updates

Before you setup the 6.72 jailbreak, it is wise to temporarily disable updates and all connections to Sony’s dedicated servers. This can be easily undone by selecting [Enable Updates] from the [6.72] menu.
  1. Unplug all USB devices from your PS4
  2. Go to [Settings] -> [User’s Guide / Helpful Info] -> [User’s Guide] to launch the exploit selection pageps4 5.05 user's guide helpful info
  3. Select [6.72]ps4 672 exploit jailbreak al azif
  4. Select [Disable Updates]ps4 505 jailbreak al azif exploit selection disable updates
  5. Click the [Load Disable Updates] box if it appears and wait for the process to completeps4 672 jailbreak unstable disable updates
  6. If successful, select [Close Internet Browser]. Do NOT select [OK]ps4 672 jailbreak unstable close internet browser

Enable 6.72 Jailbreak

  1. Return to [Settings] -> [User’s Guide / Helpful Info] -> [User’s Guide] and launch the exploit selection page againps4 5.05 user's guide helpful info
  2. Select [6.72]ps4 672 exploit jailbreak al azif
  3. Select [Mira (No HB)]and wait for the process to completeps4 672 exploit jailbreak mira no hb al azif
  4. If successful, select [Close Internet Browser]Do NOT select [OK]ps4 672 jailbreak unstable close internet browser
  5. You’ll be returned to the Home menu with the jailbreak activated

Error CE-34878-0: Difference between Mira and Mira (No HB)

If you are receiving error CE-34878-0 when attempting to launch some games with the 6.72 update, you will need to use the modified version of [Mira] that disables certain components required for homebrew applications. Selecting [Mira (No HB)] in the exploit selection page will fix games with the CE-34878-0 so it can be considered the more stable option, however some homebrew applications will break as a result.

Congratulations, your PS4 is now jailbroken. You will now have access to features such as the Package Installer for installing PS4 backup games. You will need to run the 6.72 jailbreak every time you boot your PS4.

Installing Games (.pkg)

We’ll now show you how to access the Package Installer on your Homebrew Enabled PS4. PS4 backups come in the form of .pkg files and require an external USB device to be installed. Keep in mind  that your PS4 games will only run while the jailbreak is active.

  1. Once your 6.72 jailbreak is active, go to [Settings] -> [★Debug Settings] -> [Game] -> [Package Installer]Ps4 hen 505 debug settings
  2. Select the .pkg file you want to install, wait for the process to finishps4 hen 505 package installer game pkg
  3. Press the [PS] button to find your new game at the Home screenps4 hen 505 installed game home menu