Enable Remote Play on PS Vita without PSN

Remote Play on PS Vita requires you to sign-in to the PlayStation Network which is not possible with 3.60 HENkaku unless you spoof your firmware. However, spoofing firmware doesn’t work for everyone and can leave some consoles entirely unable to use Remote Play with their PS4. This guide will show you how to enable Remote Play on your PS Vita without signing in to the PSN and create a local Remote Play connection between your Vita and PS4.

PlayStation Vita with Custom Firmware

  • Transferring files via FTP (VitaShell) requires a PS Vita running CFW such as HENkaku or h-encore

Wi-Fi or USB Connection

  •  You will need a Wi-Fi connection to transfer the profile data via FTP VitaShell

PC Web Browser

  • A web browser is required to create the PSN profile cache file

Creating Online ID Cache

  1. Make a note of the PSN Online ID (not email address) that is linked to your PS Vita, it is case sensitivepsn online id vita offline remote play
  2. On your PC, visit hexed.it on your internet browser and select [New file] from the top lefthexed.it vita offline remote play
  3. Enter 328 for the size of the new file and click [Apply]hexed.it new file 328 vita offline remote play
  4. Copy your PSN Online ID (CTRL + C)
  5. Click the first period after the top line of HEX in the hexed.it windowhexed.it edit hex vita offline remote play
  6. Paste your PSN Online ID (CTRL + V), select [Overwrite the bytes at the cursor position] and click [Apply]hexed.it overwrite data vita offline remote play
  7.  The first line should be replaced with the HEX of your PSN Online ID, the file size should still be 328 byteshexed.it psn id vita offline remote play
  8. Click [Export] to save the file and rename it to myprofile.dat
  9. On your PS Vita, activate FTP by pressing [SELECT] in VitaShellvitashell vita ftp ip address
  10. On your PC, navigate to the ur0:user/00/ folder on your Vita and create a new folder called npftp np folder vita offline remote play
  11. Copy myprofile.dat to the /np/ folder on your PS Vitaftp np folder myprofile.dat vita offline remote play
  12. Reboot your PS Vita and launch the PS4 Link app then select [Remote Play]
  13. Your PS Vita will ask you to sign-in to the PSN, select [Cancel] and the manual PS4 registration window will appearps vita offline remote play manual register
  14. Follow the instructions to connect the PS Vita to your PS4ps vita offline remote play connecting

Congratulations, you’ve now enabled Remote Play on your PS Vita without signing in to the PlayStation network.

PS Vita Games and Homebrew

Enable Offline PS4 Remote Play (5.05)

  • Enable Remote Play on your 5.05 PS4 without signing into the PlayStation Network


  • With Moonlight, you can play Windows games and emulators that would not otherwise be possible on the PS Vita system via Remote Play


  • Expand your gaming library immensely with Adrenaline, which allows you to play PSP and PSX titles flawlessly using the built-in PSP emulator


  • Use your PS3 or PS4 controller to play games with DS3Vita / DS4Vita, installed via Autoplugin


  • Use your PS Vita as a controller for your PC using the VitaStickUno plugin