NoPayStation Complete Setup Guide

NoPayStation is a Windows / Mac application containing a library of PS3, Vita, PSP and PSX games to download onto your PC. The downloaded game backups can then be installed onto its corresponding game console provided that it meets the requirements, i.e. homebrew enabled with an active custom firmware. The NoPayStation library also features game updates, DLC and themes.

Required Downloads:

Configuring NoPayStation

  1. Creat a folder called NoPayStation on your desktop
  2. Copy NPS_Browser.exe to the /NoPayStation/ folder
  3. Copy pkg2zip.exe from the pkg2zip .zip to the /NoPayStation/ folder
  4. Launch NPS_Browser.exe -> select [OK] if prompted about missing linksnopaystation tsv links files config (1)
  5. Paste the following links into the corresponding fields:
    •  Games
      • PSV tsv
      • PSM tsv
      • PSX tsv
      • PSP tsv
      • PS3 tsv
    • DLCs:
      • PSV tsv
      • PSP tsv
      • PS3 tsv
    • Themes:
      • PSV tsv
  6. Set [Download and unpack dir] to where you want your files downloaded to
  7. Set [Any pkg dec tool] to pkg2zip.exe inside the /NoPayStation/ folder
  8. Set [Your pkg dec params] to -x {pkgFile} "{zRifKey}"
  9. Set [HMAC key for updates] to E5E278AA1EE34082A088279C83F9BBC806821C52F2AB5D2B4ABD995450355114
  10. Set [CompPack URL] to
  11. Set [CompPack Patch URL] to
  12.  Restart NPS Browser for your changes to take effect

You should now see a list of titles to download. Search for titles using the search bar; use the drop-down box to filter consoles and use the checkboxes to select between [Games], [DLC] and [Themes].

Just Right click and select [Download and Unpack] to download content.nopaystation setup cfwaifu vita ps3 psp download search filter

Installing NoPayStation Games

PS Vita Backups

PSP + PSX Backups

  • HENkaku is required to install the Adrenaline on PS Vita
  • Adrenaline can run PSP and PSX games flawlessly and is compatible with the majority of PSP homebrew

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