PS Vita CFW Guide - Installing h-encore

h-encore a port of the original 3.60 HENkaku that allows homebrew for PS Vita devices on firmware 3.65 to 3.68. h-encore grants all the benefits of custom firmware such as the extra features and customisation options. The h-encore exploit is not persistent and it will need to be installed through an app every time your PS Vita reboots. Permanent h-encore is possible on 3.65 firmware via the Ensō hack.

Required Downloads:

PlayStation Vita on Firmware 3.65, 3.67 or 3.68

Linked PSN Account

  • A linked PSN Account is required to use the PS Vita’s Content Manager to transfer files

Windows PC

  • A Windows PC is required to run the auto h-encore installer

PS Vita USB Connection

  •  You will need the USB cable to connect your PS Vita to a PC and transfer the h-encore files via the Vita’s content manager

SD2Vita Adapter (Recommended)icon-amazon

Connect PS Vita to PC

  1. On your PS Vita, Block Updates via DNS then create and link a PSN account to your PS Vita if you haven’t done so already
  2. On your PC, install Qcma with the libusb0 driverinstall qcma with libusb0 driver
  3. Launch Qcma once it is installed to open the settings window, you can now transfer files using the PS Vita’s content manager assistantqcma settings windw
  4. Launch auto-hencore and select English or your preferred language
  5. Make sure [Trim excess content from bitter smile demo] is checkedauto h-encore instructions trim excess content
  6. Select [Start] to begin the processauto h-encore start
  7. When prompted, select [USB]qcma auto h-encore usb wi-fi
  8. Unplug your PS Vita and click [Next]auto h-encore unplug vita
  9. Plug your PS Vita into your PC via USBauto h-encore instructions
  10. On your PS Vita, open [Content Manager] -> [Copy Content] -> [PC] -> [USB Cable]ps vita content manager
  11. The auto h-encore files will be extracted to the Qcma folders and more instructions will pop upauto h-encore instructions 2
  12. In Content Manager on your PS Vita, [Select PC -> PS Vita System] -> [Applications] -> [PS Vita]content manager ps vita pc
  13. Check [h-encore] and select [Copy] -> [OK]h-encore copy qcma content manager
  14. Wait for the h-encore files to be copiedh-encore content manager copying
  15. Close Content Manager once completed

Installing HENkaku Settings

  1. Launch the new [h-encore] bubble in your LiveArea
  2. Select [Install HENkaku]
  3. Select [Download VitaShell]vita install henkaku h-encore
  4. Open the [Settings] application
  5. Go to [HENkaku Settings]vita henkaku settings
  6. Check [Enable PSN Spoofing]
  7. Check [Enable Unsafe Homebrew]
  8. Check [Version Spoofing]
  9. [Spoof Version] -> Enter 3.71
  10. Close the Settings application

Congratulations, you’ve successfully run the h-encore exploit and installed the HENkaku Settings. Your PS Vita is now able to install and run homebrew for greater features and customisation.

PS Vita Homebrew

Vita Homebrew Browser

  • The Vita Homebrew Browser is a large repository for homebrew apps and plugins that can be conveniently installed on your Vita without a PC


  •  Ensō is a homebrew that allows the HENkaku Settings to stay active permanently, eliminating the need to run the h-encore application after every reboot

NoNpDrm + ref00d

  • NoNpDrm allows you to play downloaded game backups, themes and DLC
  • ref00d is a plugin that unlocks 3.61+ games to be played on any firmware, perfect for those who choose to stay on 3.60 but still want to play newer games


  • Adrenaline is a homebrew that completely unlocks the built-in ePSP, allowing for flawless PlayStation Portable emulation that is also compatible with PSP homebrew.


  • Moonlight is a homebrew that uses Nvidia GameStream technology for Windows remote play on the PS Vita – requires an Nvidia GPU