Goldleaf - Manually Install Switch Game Files via SD (NSP) (exFAT or FAT32)

Goldleaf by XorTroll is a powerful multipurpose homebrew tool for Nintendo Switch. Goldleaf mainly functions file browser in which you can install titles and even launch homebrew (.nro files). An internet browser and emuiibo (amiibo emulation) management are also great features that make this one of the staple homebrew applications for any hacked Switch console. This guide will show you how to install game title files (.nsp) from your SD card to your Nintendo Switch. The method of splitting larger .nsp files

With Goldleaf, you can also install games files (.nsp) directly from your PC via USB connection. This means you will not need to remove your SD card or power off your Switch, making the process much faster overall. 

Required Downloads:

Nintendo Switch with Custom Firmware

MicroSD Card (128GB or Larger Recommended)icon-amazon

  • Games can be installed to the Switch’s internal storage or to the MicroSD
  • 128GB or more is recommended for storing games

Installing Goldleaf

  1. Go to the /switch/ folder on your SD card
  2. Create a folder called Goldleaf inside the /switch/ foldergoldleaf switch sd folder atmosphere
  3. Copy Goldleaf.nro to the /Goldleaf/ folder on your SD cardgoldleaf switch sd nro hb menu
  4. Create a folder called nsp on the root of your SD cardgoldleaf switch sd nsp folder
  5. Copy the .nsp game files you wish to install to the /nsp/ folder you createdgoldleaf switch sd nsp file
  6. Insert your SD card into your Switch and push your preferred payload to boot into CFWatmosphere neutos tegrarcmgui switch tinfoil payload bin rcm inject
  7. From the Switch Home screen, launch the Album to access the Homebrew Menuswitch atmosphere album homebrew menu

Installing Game Files Manually via SD

  1. Launch Goldleafswitch atmosphere goldleaf hb menu
  2. From the Goldleaf menu, Select [Explore content] -> [SD card]switch goldleaf install nsp explore content sd
  3. Locate your .nsp game file in the /nsp/ folderswitch goldleaf install nsp
  4. Select the NSP package and choose [Install]goldleaf switch nsp install
  5. Choose the location you wish to install the game to (SD / Internal) then choose [Install]goldleaf switch sd install location nsp
  6. When the install is complete, press [Home] to return to the Switch Home menugoldleaf switch installing nsp
  7. Your game is now installed and can be launched from the Home menuswitch goldleaf installed nsp

Congratulations, you can now install game title files from your SD card. If you’re using a FAT32 SD card, read on to see how you can copy larger .nsp files onto your FAT32 SD and install them in Goldleaf.

Installing Games Larger than 4GB on FAT32

FAT32 SD cards cannot store files larger than 4GB so many games need to be split into parts before they can be transferred to the SD card for installation. This can easily be accomplished with a neat little software called NSPsplitty by Aoinmagan. Your NSP file will be split into 4GB parts, however they will still be recognised as a single file in Goldleaf.

  1. Extract NSPsplitty.zipnspsplitty switch goldleaf install fat32 4gb larger
  2. Run the NSPsplitty.exe applicationnspsplitty switch goldleaf install fat32 browse split file
  3. Select [Browse] and select the .nsp file you wish to split
  4. Select [Split] to begin and wait for the process to finishnspsplitty switch goldleaf install fat32 browse split file completed
  5. Once complete, you will find a new _split.nsp folder containing containing the NSP divided into 4GB partsnspsplitty switch goldleaf fat32 4gb split
  6. Create a folder called nsp on the root of your SD card if it doesn’t already exist
  7. Copy the _split.nsp folder to the /nsp/ folder your created to be installed via Goldleafgoldleaf install nsp split switch
  8. Once installed, launch the game from your Switch Home menuswitch goldleaf atmosphere nsp install

Congratulations, you can now install .nsp files larger than 4GB from your FAT32 SD card. If you want to install games more quickly without removing your SD card, consider using Goldleaf + Quark to install games (.nsp) directly from your PC via USB.

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