Game Download Applications

Game download applications for your PC that give you the ability to easily download countless numbers of games from an online repository, or sometimes directly from Sony or Nintendo's servers without limit.

expressvpn logo vpn cfwaifuIt's advisable to use ExpressVPN when using game download applications, especially if you are planning to download many large files. A VPN will lower the chance of raising suspicion (from your ISP or third-parties) and prevent the downloads being traced to your IP address. This masks your footprint and also makes it unlikely for Sony or Nintendo to detect where the game is being downloaded from. Try ExpressVPN now, 30 day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

In most cases, the game files are not usable without a (DRM) license and cannot be played at all without first purchasing them from the PlayStation Store. These license are usually tied to your account and not transferable, this means losing access to your account or console can cause you to lose your entire library of games.

Game consoles with access to homebrew often have the capability to bypass DRM protection and play games without purchasing them as long as they have access to the game files, regardless of where you obtained them.

Game Download Applications for PC:

Console Alternatives:

Use a VPN and Download Games Safely

Downloading Games (1Fichier / MEGA / Google Drive)

  • Finding download links via search engines
  • Downloading from file hosts such as 1Fichier, MEGA or Google Drive
  • Bypassing File Host download limits
  • Converting Base64 links

Downloading Games with BitTorrent (ExpressVPN x qBittorrent)

  • Setting Up qBittorrent with ExpressVPN
  • Not recommended without trusted source or private tracker
  • Great for PC games (CODEX / Fit-Girl Repacks)