Downloading Games with BitTorrent

qbittorrent logo cfwaifuqBittorrent is a highly regarded BitTorrent client for its privacy features and lack of adware. The BitTorrent method is usually not the recommended for obtaining game backups due to concerns of its legality and the possible presence of malicious files. However, BitTorrent is still the primary way to download game backups for many users. Forums or communities often create private trackers that are moderated to provide only the safest, high quality game backups. PC game backups are also widely shared by BitTorrent users and safe, reliable game files can regularly be downloaded from distribution groups such as CODEX and Fit-Girl. 

Due to concerns surround the protocol, it should never be suggested to use BitTorrent without protection. VPNs are commonly used alongside BitTorrent clients to hide your personal information such as IP address and location from the peer-to-peer environment. VPNs are also used to unblock BitTorrent in countries where the protocol is banned.

expressvpn logo vpn cfwaifuExpressVPN is hugely recommended for anyone using BitTorrent, it is a protocol that poses a risk to your privacy by its very nature. The IP addresses of everyone you are sharing files with (download and upload) are readily accessible within the application and are easily traced by your ISP or anyone who is interested. BitTorrent has a history and reputation of being plagued by legal issues and has flat out been banned in some countries, use a VPN to avoid trouble before your ISP or someone else takes unwarranted action. Try ExpressVPN now, 30 day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

Setting Up Express VPN with qBittorrent

qBittorrent can easily be setup to only download / upload files through ExpressVPN and block all traffic that does not go through the VPN.

  1. Install ExpressVPN and qBittorrent on your PC
  2.  Go to [Control Panel] -> [Network and Sharing Center]
  3. Select [Change adapter settings]cfwaifu expressvpn network sharing center
  4. Rename the ExpressVPN TAP Adapter to ExpressVPNcfwaifu expressvpn network sharing center rename adapter
  5. Right click the ExpressVPN Adapter and select [Enable]cfwaifu expressvpn network sharing center adapter enabled
  6. Launch qBittorrent
  7. From the top bar menu, go to [Tools] -> [Optons]
  8. Select [Advanced]
  9. Set [Network Interface] to the [ExpressVPN] adaptercfwaifu expressvpn qbittorrent network interface
  10. Select [Apply] -> [OK] then restart qBittorrent (close it from the system tray)

Congratulations, you've configured qBittorrent to only allow traffic through the ExpressVPN. Your torrents will only be active while you are connected to ExpressVPN. You can also configure ExpressVPN to be used by specific applications only, allowing full control over which of your traffic goes through the VPN.

  1. Launch ExpressVPN and go to [Options]
  2. Enable [Split tunneling] and select [Settings]cfwaifu expressvpn enable split tunneling qbittorrent
  3. Select [Only allow selected apps to use the VPN]
  4. Add qBittorrent to the listcfwaifu expressvpn split tunneling qbittorrent

You can now use qBittorrent with ExpressVPN without affecting the rest of your internet traffic when it connects / disconnects.

Use a VPN and Download Games Safely

Downloading Games (1Fichier / MEGA / Google Drive)

  • Finding download links via search engines
  • Downloading from file hosts such as 1Fichier, MEGA or Google Drive
  • Bypassing File Host download limits
  • Converting Base64 links

Game Download Applications