Downloading Games (1Fichier / MEGA / Google Drive)

File hosts like 1Fichier, MEGA or Google Drive are commonly used to download game backups and links are usually found via search engines such as Google or DuckDuckGo. Unlike DuckDuckGo, Google often blocks and removes websites from their search index due to piracy or DCMA concerns. This can sometimes make it difficult to find ROMs and backups of your favourite games even if you legally own a copy. Google also logs information based on your search history and google account (if you're logged in). This is partly the reason for Google's powerful search index, however this is unwelcome for those who are conscious of their internet privacy. File hosts may impose download limit restrictions to promote their premium services, however these can be circumvented by changing your IP with a VPN once you'ved reached the download cap.expressvpn logo vpn cfwaifuExpressVPN is recommended for circumventing file host download limits and allowing your to search for your files privately, without fear of your IP address being logged or traced. Simply change your location server once you've hit the download cap and it will be refreshed with the new IP. ExpressVPN features over 150 location servers so you'll have plenty of choice when choosing a location.   Try ExpressVPN now, 30 day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.duckduckgo cfwaifu search is an ideal search engine for finding game backups as it is catered around privacy and provides unfiltered results making it easy to find game backup files if you include the file formats such as .NSP or .CIA.

  • PlayStation 4: .PKG
  • PlayStation 3: .PKG / Raw Folder Files (.ZIP / .RAR)
  • PlayStation Vita: .VPK
  • PlayStation Portable: .ISO / .CSO / EBOOT.PBP
  • Nintendo 3DS: .CIA / .3DS
  • Nintendo Switch: .NSP / .XCI
  • Wii U: .WUD / .WUX / .WUP / Raw Folder Files (.ZIP / .RAR)

Title ID Databases:

Download links can sometimes be found in Base64 format. Base64 means that the link has been encoded and must be decoded using a Base64 Decoder to reveal the download link. This is done to preserve links to keep them alive for as long as possible.base64 decode cfwaifu download games

Use a VPN and Download Games Safely

Game Download Applications

Downloading Games with BitTorrent (ExpressVPN x qBittorrent)

  • Setting Up qBittorrent with ExpressVPN
  • Not recommended without trusted source or private tracker
  • Great for PC games (CODEX / Fit-Girl Repacks)