Cemu - Download and Play Wii U Games on PC (Wii U USB Helper)

Table of Contents

This guide will show you how to play Wii U games on your PC. Enjoy the high quality Wii U game library on your PC with access to enhanced graphical features, cheats and more. Wii U USB Helper originally by Hikari06 and revived by FailedShack, can be used to download Wii U games directly to your PC to be played with Cemu emulator.

Required Downloads:

Cemu Emulator

  • Cemu is used to play Wii U games on PC
  • Cemu’s system requirements are relatively high, discrete GPU highly recommended
  • Wii U USB Helper can be used to download Wii U games to your PC

8BitDo Switch Controller Bluetooth Adaptericon-amazon

  • A Bluetooth adapter or dongle is required to connect the Switch Pro Controller to your PC wirelessly
  • The 8BitDo adapter will automatically configure your controller and emulate the Xbox 360 Controller
  • It is the best hassle-free solution, no additional drivers or apps such as BetterJoyforCemu required
  • Works with all games, emulators and Steam out-of-the-box
  • Works with PC, macOS, Switch and Android (via OTG cable)
  • Can also be used to connect Dualshock and Xbox controllers on all compatible platforms (despite the name)

USB Wii Sensor Baricon-amazon

  • A sensor bar can be used with a Bluetooth adapter to connect a Wiimote to your PC for a more authentic experience
  • The Mayflash Sensor DolphinBar features built-in Bluetooth to ensure compatibility with PC and all Wiimote add-ons directly out of the box
  • Many Wii U games are compatible with, or actually require a Wiimote

GameCube to USB Adaptericon-amazon

  • A USB adapter can be used to play GameCube games with the original controller for a more authentic experience
  • The Mayflash Gamecube USB adapter is widely used and supports up to four controllers
  • It is also compatibly with Wii U and Switch making it an excellent investment
  • Requires driver installation with zadig

ScpToolkit (Optional)

  • PCSX2 is compatible with Dualshock 4 controllers natively on Windows 10
  • ScpToolkit can be installed to make Dualshock 3 / 4 compatible with Windows 7 and 10
  • ScpToolkit will emulate Xbox 360 controller inputs making Dualshock controllers compatible with all games that support controllers

Setting Up Cemu

  1. Create a folder named Wii U on your PC
  2. Inside the /Wii U/ folder, create a folder named Games and a folder named Updates and DLCcemu install games updates folder
  3. Place any Wii U games you have in the /Wii U/Games/ folder (.WUX, .WUD, Loadiine)
  4. Download and extract the contents of cemu.zip to a folder on your PC
  5. Extract the contents of cemuhook.zip into the /cemu/ folder on your PC
  6. Launch Cemu.execemu install folder
  7. Enter the /Wii U/Games/ folder as the path for your games
  8. Click [Download community graphics packs] then click [Next]cemu config game mlc path
  9. Take note of the GamePad touchscreen hotkeys then select [Configure input] to test your controllercemu install configure input
  10. Set [Emulate Controller] to Wii U GamePad
  11. [Set Controller API] to [XInput]

  12. Set [Controller] to [Controller 1]cemu install configure controller input
  13. Map all of the buttons to your controller one by onecemu install configure controller input map buttons xbox 360
  14. Remember to name and save your button configuration profilecemu install configure controller input map buttons save profile
  15. Click [Close] in the setup page once complete
  16. Click [Download now] at the bottom of the page to download additional fonts provided by CemuHookcemu cemuhook shared fonts
  17. Setup complete, select [File] -> [Load] from the top menu to run .WUD and .WUX Wii U game filescemu install game title update dlc

The first time a game is run, Cemu must build the shader cache as the game is running instead of loading everything at startup. This can lead to increased stutter and lag when entering new areas or environments in game. You can choose to ignore it and let Cemu build the shader cache for you, or you can download already-built shader caches from other users for your games.wii u cemu shaders cache stutter

Visit CEMUcaches (Reddit) for a collection of user-contributed shader caches.

Cemu can load .WUD / .WUX files that you already possess. Wii U USB Helper can be used to download Wii U games directly to your PC to be installed with Cemu.

Download and Install Games with Wii U USB Helper

Install Wii U USB Helper (USBHelperLauncher)

USB Helper Launcher is a set of patches to revive the discontinued USB Helper.

  1. On your PC, create a folder named USBHelper Downloads
  2. Create two folders calledand DL-Dec and DL-Enc inside the /USBHelper Downloads/ folder on your PCwii u usbhelper folder setup download location
  3. Run USBHelperInstaller.exe to install USBHelperwii u usbhelper install
  4. Select version and wait for the process to completewii u usbhelper install version
  5. Launch USBHelper once installation is complete
  6. Agree to the disclaimer and select your regionwii u usbhelper region select
  7. Select the /USBHelper Downloads/DL-Enc/ folder on your PC as the location to store your gameswii u usbhelper folder setup dl-enc download
  8. Enter titlekey.ovh as the site for the title keyswii u usbhelper titlekeys ovh
  9. Once USBHelper has loaded, click [Set extraction directory]wii u usbhelper extraction location
  10. Select the /USBHelper Downloads/DL-Dec/ folder on your PCwii u usbhelper folder setup dl-dec extraction

Congratulations on completing the initial setup for Wii U USB Helper, you can now move onto downloading backup games directly to your PC from the application.

Download Games

  1. Browse or search for the game you wish to downloadwii u usbhelper search game
  2. Click the [Add], [Add update] or [Add DLC] buttons to add games, updates or DLC to the download queuewii u usbhelper add games update dlc download
  3. Select [Start downloading] to begin the downloadswii u usbhelper start download
  4. A download manager will appear to show the progress of your downloadswii u usbhelper download manager
  5. Wait for your download to completewii u usb helper download complete

Install Games to Cemu

  1. Right-click the downloaded game and select [Unpack (Loadiine)] then select the game, updates and DLCwii u usb helper download complete unpack loadiine
  2. Once complete, right-click the [Set extraction directory] button to open the /USB Helper Downloads/DL-Dec/ folderwii u usb helper download complete unpack loadiine extraction folder dl-dec
  3. This /DL-Dec/ folder will contain your Game, Updates and DLC in separate folderswii u usb helper download complete unpack loadiine folder
  4. Move the Update and DLC folder into your /Updates and DLC/ folder used for Cemuwii u usb helper install cemu updates and dlc folder
  5. Copy the Game folder into your /Games/ folder used for Cemucemu install games folder
  6. Launch Cemu and from the top menu, select [File] -> [Install game title, update or DLC]cemu install game title update dlc
  7. Navigate to the /Wii U/Games/[Game Folder]/meta/ folder and select the meta.xml filecemu install game meta xml
  8. Do the same with the /meta/meta.xml file in the Update and DLC folders for your game then relaunch Cemu
  9. Games, Updates and DLC can be deleted from your /Wii U/ folder once they’re properly installed to Cemucemu install game launch
  10. The game, update and DLC will be installed in Cemu, double-click to launch it from the listwii u usb helper install cemu launched game