Autoplugin - Install Plugins Automatically on PS Vita

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This guide will show you how to automatically install plugins for your hacked PS Vita. Autoplugin is a homebrew application that features a collection of essential plugins that can be installed directly to your PS Vita without the need for a PC. There are also a range of additional features such as PSP (Adrenaline) plugins and the built-in configuration settings for the StorageMgr plugin so you can easily setup your SD2Vita without editing .txt files. You can also use Autoplugin to customise the boot logo and epilepsy warning screens. Autoplugin is genuinely a great addition to the PS Vita scene and the selection of plugins is continuously expanding with regular updates to the app. Full List of Autoplugin PS Vita Pluginsautoplugin vita sd2vita Required Downloads:

PlayStation Vita with Custom Firmware

  • Autoplugin is only compatible with a PS Vita running CFW such as HENkaku or h-encore

Wi-Fi or USB Connection

  •  You will need a Wi-Fi or USB connection to transfer the install files via FTP or USB with VitaShell

Adrenaline (Optional)

  • The Adrenaline PSP emulator will be required if you plan to use the PSP plugins also

SD2Vita Adapter (Recommended)icon-amazon

Installing Autoplugin

  1. On your PS Vita, launch VitaShell and press the [Select] button to activate FTP or USB modevitashell vita ftp ip address
  2. On your PC file browser, go to ux0: and create a folder called vpk if it doesn’t already existvita ux0 vpk folder
  3. Copy Autoplugin.vpk to the ux0:/vpk/ folder on your PS Vitavita vpk folder ftp
  4. When the transfer is complete, press [Circle] on your PS Vita to close FTP/USB mode
    In VitaShell, go to ux0: -> /vpk/ then highlight Autoplugin.vpk
  5. Press [Cross] to install it and confirm the extended permissions promptps vita vitashell install vpk
  6. Close VitaShell when the installation is complete
  7. Launch the new Autoplugin bubble from your LiveAreaautoplugin ps vita homebrew

Congratulations, you can now easily many of the best plugins on your PS Vita. ur:0 is the recommended directory for plugins.

PS Vita Plugins and Homebrew

NoNpDrm + ref00d

  •  NoNpDrm and ref00d combined will allow you to play virtually all PS Vita game backups and DLC on any CFW enabled PS Vita


  • The StorageMgr plugin by CelesteBlue allows you to configure your storage devices, so you’ll be able to use the SD2Vita peripheral to use a MicroSD card in your PS Vita
  • StorageMgr can be installed and configured from within Autoplugin

Vita Homebrew Browser

  • You can download and install homebrew directly to your Vita without a PC using the VHBB
  • The VHBB uses the database from VitaDB for the collection of homebrew apps


  • Play PSP and PSX games flawlessly using Adrenaline by TheOfficialFlow
  • The built-in PSP emulator is also compatible with original PSP plugins and homebrew
  • Autoplugin features dual analogue stick patches for some PSP games such as the Grand Theft Auto titles