3DS Hacks - Dumping Games to SD Card

(.cia / .3ds / .nds)

This guide will show you how to dump your game cartridges directly to your SD card with GodMode9. This has multiple uses such as playing without the cartridge or playing your game on an emulator instead of the console.

Required Downloads:

Hacked (New) Nintendo 3DS (XL) Console with Luma3DS CFW

  • An SD Card is required to store the exploit files and homebrew apps
  • 32GB or more is recommended to store games
  • The SD card must be formatted to FAT32
  • MicroSD cards are compatible with Old 3DS consoles via a MicroSD to SD adapter

Installing / Updating GodMode9

  1. Insert your 3DS SD card into your PC
  2. Extract the GodMode9 .zip3ds godmode9 zip extract
  3. Copy GodeMode9.firm to the /luma/payloads/ folder on your SD card3ds luma payloads folder sd card
  4. Copy the /gm9/ folder to the root of your SD card3ds gm9 folder sd card
  5. Insert your SD card into your 3DS

Dump 3DS/NDS Cartridge to SD (.cia / .3ds / .nds)

  1. Insert your game cartridge
  2. Boot your 3DS while holding [START] to launch Godmode9
  3. Press [Home] for the action menu
  4. Select [Scripts…]godmode9 scripts
  5. Select [GM9Megascript]godmode9 gm9megascript 3ds
  6. Select [Miscellaneous]convert 3ds to cia godmode9 gm9megascript miscellaneous
  7. Select [Cartridge Options]dump game sd cartridge options godmode9
  8. Select an option to dump your cartridge to:
    • dump to .3ds ROM file for emulators
    • dump to .cia to install on a 3DS
    • dump to .nds for DS cartridges

    dump game sd 3ds cia nds cartridge godmode9

  9. Press [A] to confirm your selection and wait for the process to completedump game sd cartridge godmode9
  10. Press [A] when complete and your dumped file will be found in the /gm9/out/ folder on your SD card3ds dump cartridge gm9 out

Dump Installed 3DS Game / DLC as .cia File

  1. Boot your 3DS while holding [START] to launch Godmode9
  2. Go to [A:] SYSNAND SDdump game to cia godmode9 sysnand sd
  3. Go to /title/
    • 00040000 contains Games and Apps
    • 00040002 contains Demos
    • 0004000e contains Updates
    • 0004008c contains DLC

    dump installed sysnand sd title godmode9

  4. Highlight your chosen folder and press [R] + [A] to open the drive options
  5. Select [Search for titles] then press [A]dump installed titles search godmode9
  6. Select the .tmd file for the game or DLC you wish to dumpdump installed title cia select tmd godmode9
  7. Select [TMD file options…]dump installed title cia tmd file options godmode9
  8. Select [Build CIA (standard)] and press [A] when the process is completedump installed title build cia standard godmode9
  9. Your .cia will be found in the /gm9/out/ folder on your SD carddump installed title cia 3ds gm9 out

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