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Guides for game console custom firmware, jailbreaks, homebrew and emulation

PlayStation Vita Guides

A complete introduction into PS Vita hacking and custom firmware; installing HENkaku and various cool homebrew for extra features and customisation.

Nintendo 3DS Guides

A complete introduction to 3DS hacking and homebrew including a tutorials to install the Luma3DS custom firmware. Play DS ROMs from SD with the TwiLight Menu++ and more.

PlayStation 4 GuidesĀ 

A complete introduction to the PS4 5.05 HEN jailbreak and homebrew guides for PS2 Classics, playing games from USB, offline remote play and more.

Switch hacking custom firmware

Nintendo Switch Guides (Coming Next)

A complete introduction to Switch hacking with information on the various fusee guleeĀ  exploits (Atmosphere, SX OS, ReiNX etc) emulators, installing Android OS and more.

PS3 custom firmware

PlayStation 3 Guides (Coming Soon)

A complete introduction to the PlayStation 3 exploits and installing custom firmware with PS3Xploit. Play PS2 backups, install games to external storage and more.

Wii U softmod custom firmware

Nintendo Wii U Guides (Coming Soon)

A complete introduction to Wii U softmodding with the Haxchi custom firmware. Play Wii backups, Virtual Console roms and more.

Windows game emulation

Windows & Emulation Guides (Coming Soon)

Tutorials on Windows game-related applications such as using controllers for PC, remote play on Windows, game console emulation and more.

iOS jailbreak emulation tweaks

Apple / iOS Guides (Coming Soon)

Tutorials on iOS jailbreaks, tweaks and emulation to turn your iPhone or iPad into a surprisingly capable gaming device.