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Guides for game console custom firmware, jailbreaks, homebrew and emulation

Nintendo Switch Guides

A complete introduction to Switch hacking and installing Atmosphere with various guides on using Tinfoil, Goldleaf, EdiZon RetroArch and more.

PlayStation 4 Guides 

A complete introduction to the PS4 5.05 HEN jailbreak and homebrew guides for PS2 Classics, playing games from USB, offline remote play and more.

PlayStation Vita Guides

A complete introduction into PS Vita hacking and custom firmware; installing HENkaku and various cool homebrew for extra features and customisation.

Nintendo 3DS Guides

A complete introduction to 3DS hacking and homebrew including a tutorials to install the Luma3DS custom firmware. Play DS ROMs from SD with the TwiLight Menu++ and more.

Nintendo Wii U Guides

A complete introduction to Wii U softmodding with the Haxchi custom firmware. Play Gamecube backups, RetroArch emulators, import save files and more.

PS3 custom firmware

PlayStation 3 Guides (Coming Soon)

A complete introduction to the PlayStation 3 exploits and installing custom firmware with PS3Xploit. Play PS2 backups, install games to external storage and more.

PC Games & Emulation Guides

Tutorials on PC game related applications such as using controllers for PC, remote play on Windows, game console emulation and more.